Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Year 29: Trip to the Antiques Faire (Irony Intended)

I can clearly remember turning 11 and thinking, "Holy crud balls, I'm old." I haven't really liked my birthday ever since. But, this year, something happened. I decided to celebrate, really celebrate, getting older (29, boo-yah!) After all, what's the POINT (you'll see the pun in a minute) of getting older if you're not going to offer up a high-five to being alive? Plus, the Alameda POINT Antiques Faire fatefully happened to coincide with my birthday this year. So, two car loads of amazing ladies made a 6 am wake up call (that's 6 am in the morning) and journeyed all the way up to Alameda for some shopping, eating, and treasure finding. Look at these awesome early risers!
 The fair is exclusively for things over twenty years old...but they still let Lo in :)
 I was so excited to get to spend the day with KD (a bestie since college days)!
I couldn't stop taking pictures of all these amazing finds...
 I'm still kicking myself for not buying this button
 Look what KD bought.
 This could be a piece of modern poetry:
 I was posing with this and feeling like a total dork, when a guy shouted, "You look like her!"
 And I was like, "Happy Birthday to me!"
Sponges & Silver
 Look what JKL spotted...
Confession: I have never met a hat that I didn't want on my head
I don't even know what these are, but I WANT them
 Lo and behold, Lo bought a ring!
 When I have a huge loft (or am living under a bridge), I am buying this Hollywood Video sign and putting it on one big white wall...
 Lunch break, where in we eat EVERYTHING! Roberta (on the right) was such a doll! Not only was she our antique show guide & driver, she also told me, "You are going to have an incredible year. 29 is the best." LOVE HER.
 Post lunch pow-wow to decide where to go next
I bought myself a necklace as a present. I lurve it.
 We'd been eying these popsicles all day. JKL treated me to a sea salted dark chocolate from Pop was like the Audrey Hepburn of fudgsicles and I mean that in a good way!

My incredible Auntie Anne got me the best present ever...this cookie from Feel Good Bakery which was insane and wall to wall with walnuts :)

 Still, can't believe I'm 29. I'm practically an antique, but I've always liked antiques. So here's to 29, something I can definitely celebrate.

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