Monday, November 21, 2011

Smorgasbord Monday

Hey, pals. It is unbelievable to me that it's pretty much Thanksgiving. Insane. Here are some internet morsels to complete your Turkey Day feast. 

I don't know about you, but I totally plan to see the The Muppets this weekend. My adoration for Kermit knows no bounds.

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So, as you might already know, I have long been obsessed with this video called Marcel The Shell with Shoes On. Of everyone I've ever known, only one person has disliked it. That man was Hitler. Just kidding, but this Marcel-hater-man is a jerk with a mustache fetish. Well, the creators Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp recently released a new book and another Marcel video "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On." Watch this and your days will be filled with sunshine and sea shells. My forever quote will be, "Guess why I smile a lot? Cuz it's worth it."
Hyperbole and a Half is the funniest blog in the world (this is not a hyperbole). Allie's cartoons and point-of-view are just the thing for any sort of occasion, whether it be quirky, delightful, or even mischievous (as so many occasions are). My favorite story has to be "How a Fish Almost Destroyed my Childhood." Take a gander.


I've been doing a lot of driving lately and this one song (Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness) has seen me through quite a few stoplights and traffic jams. Whenever I'm belting it out at top volume, while driving down the highway of life, I can't help but think of this scene from Pretty in Pink. There is no doubt in my mind that John Hughes was a genius and I am team Duckie all the way!
I hope you all have a week full of friends, family, and copious amounts of turkey. Myself, I am thankful for the incredible people in my life, and the Marcel the Shells, the Fish Friends, the Duckies, the Muppets, and the ever present possibility of breaking into song.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Ashland Addiction, Part I

On the road to Ashland...

In the past few months, frice have I been to Ashland, Oregon. 

Frice = Four times. 

I know. I really lucked out what with my skill for making up silly words and my love for travel. So, the next few posts you will see from me will be Ashland centered because I really love this place and it gives me the chance to use the word frice more than frice times. Oh, also, I did not go alone (because that would be sad). I got to go to Ashland with my wonderful friends the Callaghan/Rhoads family (trip #2). Plus, I got to go to Ashland with my equally delightful friends Jackie of Bread Butter & Jam(trip #1, 4) and Matt(trip #4).

Why you should love Ashland, Oregon:

It is beautiful, like fairyland beautiful, all year round. When you get to Ashland, which you will, take a hike through Lithia Park. You can't miss it, just follow the creek into the crotch of the hillside (my mother's description, not mine). The park was designed by the same man who designed Golden Gate Park. Lithia is not so much a park as a magical meeting place for trees and deer.

It is a cultural mecca. Each year, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival offers 8 and-a-half months of some of the best theatre you will ever see. There are three theaters total (including a huge outdoor Elizabethan stage). I got to see several shows that were amazing (and yes, one or two that I wasn't so pleased with...turns out, dream sequences really freak me out). But, honestly, at OSF, you will laugh, you will cry, you will leave a better person. GO.
It's a breakfast town. You know what I mean. Have you ever been to a place and thought to yourself, "It's nice, but where could a girl get her pancake on around here?" I totally judge towns based on their breakfast/brunch possibilities. Ashland has tons of great places to break your fast: Morning Glory's, The Breadboard, Brothers. They are all scrumptious.
A Bear Totally Ate This Pancake @ Morning Glory's
I tried to convince my sister Hayley that we should do one shot where we were staring with adoration at each other, but she said that would be creepy...typical

Morning Conversation: My mom had just told Jackie how as a child (my mother) had a friend who was allergic to green beens and so for entertainment, they used to pay this girl to eat green beans and then they would watch her face sweat.

Shopping. You know I love it and there are so many delightful shops in this town. The total winner though: Prize. Every time I take a friend up to Ashland, I tell them, "There is a shop. It is a place where you will forever be happy and you will fantasize about being locked here over night. In that night, you will eat candy, read wonderful books, and sleep on the softest of blankets. This place is called Prize and it is a gift from the shopping gods. Go there, my friend. Find your prize."

The Interior of the Magical Place known as "Prize"
Did I mention they sell vintage flashcards? Cuz they do.
They also have "the best gummi bears" and Prize don't lie!
There are other nice shops too. For example:

Yes, I bought this dress because I love it and it makes me feel like a beautiful fruit salad. So there!
I did not buy this scarf, although it did remind me of the final scene in Auntie Mame...
How cute is Jackie during her shopping break? She's just a photo shoot waiting to happen!
There are so many fun activities. Time to segway (ahem) to activities in the surrounding areas. For example, you can go to the little town of Jacksonville and ride...wait for it...segways. How do I put this? It was the most fun ever. Segways will totally fulfill your lifelong hopes of riding on a broomstick (hey, some of us saw Hocus Pocus at a critical age). Oh, and you get to wear some very chic helmets. Thanks Segway of Jacksonville. We had a whirly-gig of a good time!
Dad & I with our matching helmets

Time to train in the art of segway. Loving the quiet determination on the faces of John, Dad, and Matt. 
Adorable Rhoads couple (Matt + Claire) all ready to get on the road! Make sure to check out :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Smorgasbord Monday

Hello, peoples of the world. Let's get to this thing called Monday.

In modern life, there are so many wonderful different types of wrecks: ship, car, emotional, etc. But, my favorite kind of wreck would have to be of the baking variety. I just discovered and I spend my days giggling at inappropriate pastries. Here is one of my favorites:
I consider it my lifelong curse that I was not born British or taller. Liam Neeson is both and Liam Neeson has also long been seen as an underrated comedic genius and list maker. At least, that's the way Liam Neeson sees it. Check out this scene from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchants' new BBC mocumentary: Life's Too Short
You know how everything comes back to Disney? Well, whoever worked on this next video is a genius. Now, I do not like the film Sin City. Quite frankly, I think it's a misogynistic ball of crap indicative of a machismo culture that characterizes its women as prostitutes deserving of mistreatment and disdain. But, if you like it, that's totally cool. No judgement... Stepping off my soapbox, this video is impressive. I like it. A lot.
Have a great week everyone and may it be filled with disastrous cakes, Liam Neeson, and dangerous mice.