Monday, October 29, 2012

Trip to Annapolis: Donuts, Smithsonian, Crab Dip...oh my!

I went to Annapolis this summer for my cousin's wedding, which was absolutely beautiful, seriously be-a-u-tiful. While there, I got to visit the Smithsonian, eat my weight in seafood, and avoid knocking over the wedding cake (one of my greatest fears). But most importantly, I discovered "Carlson's Donut's & Thai Kitchen." This was a yelp find and oh my goodness, what a find it is. This restaurant serves both Thai food & donuts. It's like finding the hidden dream I never knew I had. This place is insane and my dear, sweet, kind father went with me at 7 am (4 am Pacific time) to go pick up a dozen of the world's best donuts.
In case you can't tell, I don't think I'm even conscious in this photo. That's how early it is. But, I am smiling because when I wake there will be donuts! Apparently, they use sour cream in them and don't ask me how I know, but every single type of donut they serve is sensational.

Being from the West Coast, the land of wide open spaces, it's always shocking to go back East and drive through like 5 states in like an hour :) So, we were actually able to make a quick stop by Washington, D.C., on our second day there. First off was the Smithsonian: Air and Space Museum
Can you believe this early airline brochure?! Oh, yeah, it's always super easy to sleep on air plane & personally I find it very easy to carry on my conversations with "ordinary Boston modulations." Next, we went to the National Museum of American History
The gentleman with the glasses standing next to one of the earliest Kermits actually goes by the name of "Hipster." I can see it. And now for the gorgeous wedding...
You will notice that I am standing a good distance from the cake... this is because one of my biggest fears in the world is that I will topple a wedding cake, that I will be the crazy spinster relative who takes out the pastry love tower. If you're familiar with this blog at all, you are probably saying, "Say huh?! This gal loves cake." And I do. I seriously do, but it's this same love that is layered with potential doom. I am completely terrified that I will get too close to the cake, forget myself, and tip it over. Because I want to hug the cake. Because any space between me and a cake is too much space. 
And now time for the party to begin! Hayley (sis) and I only have two dance moves- the robot (hers) & the Gandalf (mine)...
My adorable rents.
We had an amazing time. Here we are enjoying the day.
And then I got too close to the cake...just kidding...

We couldn't leave Annapolis without enjoying some seafood & there really is just one place you've got to try- Cantler's Riverside Inn. Two words: crab dip! Let me say it again, crab dip. Crab dip with warm baguettes. Crab dip. 
Crab time! Yay Annapolis!

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